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Food List for Blood Type O, A, B, AB

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 2 November 2011

Blood Type Diet – The Concept

Serum and cells are main components of blood. It was noted by Karl Landsteiner, a physician at University of Vienna in Austria long time ago that some sera caused the red blood cell to agglutinate. Dr. Karl’s observation leads to the development of the ABO blood group system. In order to understand blood typing, it is essential to define antibody and antigen. Antibodies are known as immunoglobulin, it is found in serum, whose function is to combat invaders by binding themselves to antigen. Antigen is substance found on the surface of red blood cell, which, when introduced into organism that does not have antigen, it leads to production of antibody. The ABO blood group system is the most important blood type system. Classification of human blood can be divided into type A, type B, type AB and type O. These blood types have certain elements that can make them unique from one another. Because of this difference, one doctor had an idea and he started an international craze when he tried to prove that even in dieting, one plan does not fit all. Eventually, that type of diet was born.


Blood type A diet Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a neuropathic physician takes his groundbreaking 15 years of research to the public when he wrote his book Eat Right for your Type. It is all about blood type diet. Read the rest of this entry »


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Atresia Bilier Diatasi dengan Transplantasi Hati

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 26 April 2010

Sukses Cangkok Hati Pertama di Indonesia

Meski penyelesaian terlambat dari jadwal, pencangkokan hati pertama di Indonesia untuk Ramdan Aidil Saputra (3,5) di Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Dr Soetomo, Surabaya, Sabtu (24/4/2010), berlangsung sukses. Tim dokter akan memantau Ramdan dan pendonor—Ny Sulistyowati (43), ibu kandung Ramdan—dalam masa kritis yang diperkirakan hingga empat pekan.

Berita ini tentu saja sangat menggembirakan bagi kita semua. Masih segar dalam ingatan kita bagaimana seorang bayi yang lain bernama Bilqis Anindya Passa tak tertolong jiwanya dan meninggal pada 10 April 2010 yang baru lalu, dalam usia 19 bulan, karena sebab yang sama, yaitu Atresia Bilier (biliary atresia)

Salah satu anggota tim dokter, Vicki Sumarki, mengatakan, tim butuh waktu lama untuk memutuskan bagian mana yang harus dipotong. Tim harus memastikan pemotongan secara tepat karena bagian itu akan dipakai lagi. ”Pada resipien (Ramdan), antara lain banyak kelenjar getah bening yang harus dibersihkan dan pembuluh yang terikat jaringan parut,” kata Vicki.
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Juicing for Your Health and Longevity

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 4 April 2010

We have found that many digestive systems are not functioning well and the sicker the person, the more difficult it is to digest and assimilate the nutrients in raw vegetables, because they contain the pulp or fiber. But with the pulp or fiber removed, the nutrients can pass directly into the blood stream and within minutes are feeding the cells and restoring the immune system.

Because from 30% to 85% of the nutrition in foods is destroyed in cooking. That is an average 50% loss! Fresh, raw foods contain the highest level of enzymes. Enzymes are the catalyst for the hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions that occur throughout the body. Cooked foods and dry convenient diets have been denatured and are devoid of enzymes- life-promoting elements. While they may maintain life they do not promote optimum health or longevity!
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Awas, Anda Bisa Keracunan Makanan

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 23 March 2010

Keracunan Dianggap Lumrah

Kasus keracunan merupakan hal yang lumrah kita dengar di negeri ini. Mengapa hal ini sering terjadi?

Banyak faktor yang memengaruhinya. Diantaranya, adalah fakta bahwa di Indonesia sumber racun yang dapat mencemari makanan kita begitu banyak terutama untuk sumber racun yang berasal dari mikroorganisme yang sangat mudah tumbuh di negeri tropis semacam Indonesia.

Faktor lain yang mengakibatkan banyaknya kasus keracunan di Indonesia adalah kewaspadaan kita sebagai konsuman tampaknya sangat kurang. Coba saja kita lihat pola hidup masyarakat kita. Kebanyakan kita tidak segan-segan jajan di pinggir jalan yang ramai oleh kendaraan, tambahan lagi juga dikepung oleh debu yang beterbangan.
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M.S.G. and Obesity Epidemic

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 6 March 2010

There is no question that there is an obesity epidemic in your country, as well as in some other countries. One cannot avoid awareness of this problem. The subject of obesity is regularly covered in newspapers and on radio and television. It is reported in the United States alone that obesity is responsible for $90 billion in medical costs and 300,000 premature deaths every year. According to some sources, one third of the adults in our country are obese, and another one third of our population is overweight.1

If you stand on a street corner used by many pedestrians or at the entrance of a high school at the beginning or end of the day, you will observe not only what would be considered to be obese people, but a number of people, including the young, who would be considered grotesquely obese.

If one is to believe the reports of the media,2-3 often based on the findings of researchers,4 obesity is mainly the result of poor nutrition and lack of adequate exercise. Psychological problems, poor parenting, and genetics are also reported as contributing factors.

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Vitamin C Helps You to Prevent Cancer

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 22 February 2010

It is time to rewrite our nutrition textbooks. The textbooks of yesterday tell us that vitamin C prevents scurvy. They talk of the vitamin’s role in healing wounds. They explain that vitamin C aids in the formation of collagen, which holds cells together.

But an update is in order. It is not that vitamin C does not do these things. Rather, it does more – much more.

It may very well help to prevent cancer, says the Committee on Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer (of the U.S.). The panel members were impressed enough with studies of vitamin C and Cancer to advise us to eat foods rich in vitamin C every day.

Scientists have found that cancers of the stomach and esophagus are less common among people who eat diets rich in vitamin C. In fact, year-round access to foods rich in vitamin C may be one explanation for the dramatic fall in stomach cancer rates in the case of the United States.

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Guide to Natural Deep Sea Fish Oil

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 22 February 2010

If you are looking for fish oil, deep sea fish oil is the best. But this is not always the case for several reasons, especially after looking at what fish oil analysis shows.

The vast majority of the Ocean waters are polluted. Fish, especially deep sea fish, which was once among the healthiest foods humans could eat, are now potentially dangerous due to the almost inescapable toxins that accumulate in the fish’s flesh.

This is precisely why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advocates a limited consumption of fish, and particularly certain types of fish that more readily accumulate toxins in their flesh.
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Cod Liver Oil: The Superfood

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 19 February 2010

Research studies ranging from 1918-2001 give cod liver oil an A+ rating. This marvelous golden oil contains large amounts of elongated omega-3 fatty acids, preformed vitamin A and the sunlight vitamin D, essential nutrients that are hard to obtain in sufficient amounts in the modern diet. Samples may also naturally contain small amounts of the important bone- and blood-maintainer vitamin K.
There is hardly a disease in the books that does not respond well to treatment that includes cod liver oil, and not just infectious diseases but also chronic modern diseases like heart disease and cancer. Cod liver oil provides vitamin D that helps build strong bones in children and helps prevent osteoporosis in adults. The fatty acids in cod liver oil are also very important for the development of the brain and nervous system. “If you want to prevent learning disabilities in your children,” said David Horrobin, distinguished medical and biochemical researcher, “feed them cod liver oil.”
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Traditional Diets Prevent You from Cancer, Processed Foods Don’t

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 18 February 2010

Once a rare disease, cancer is now widespread, affecting as much as one-third of the population. The rise in cancer in the West and other indrustial countries in East has paralleled the rise in factory farming and the use of processed foods containing vegetable oils and additives. Orthodox methods for treating cancer (radiation and chemotherapy) do not prolong life. The best approach to cancer is prevention. Traditional diets, containing animal and plant foods farmed by nontoxic methods, are rich in factors that protect against cancer. Many of these protective factors are in the animal fats.

In this concern, I see the facts that some people carrying out vegetarian diets have died due to cancer, such as a case of Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney’s wife. Vegetarianism does not protect against cancer. In fact, vegetarians are particularly prone to cancers of the nervous system and reproductive organs.
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Anda Depresi? Makanlah Lebih Banyak Ikan

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 17 February 2010

Otot dan tulang terbuat dari protein dan mineral, tetapi otak adalah rumah yang dibangun oleh lemak. Otak kita, khususnya, lapar akan lemak omega-3 yang banyak terkandung dalam ikan. Meskipun organ lain dapat mengatur (walaupun kurang ideal) rasio dari 4 bagian lemak omega-6 dan satu bagian lemak omega-3, otak tampaknya membutuhkan jumlah yang seimbang antara lemak omega-6 dan lemak omega-3. Mengapa? Tidak seperti jaringan tubuh lain, otak tidak bisa membuat DHA dan EPA dari minyak nabati seperti kenari dan biji pohon rami. Dalam jargon gizi, otak memiliki “kebutuhan mutlak” (berlawanan dengan”kebutuhan kondisional”) akan DHA dan EPA, yang hanya ditemukan dalam ikan.

Inilah alasan utama kenapa kita dianjurkan makan lebih banyak ikan, terutama ikan laut yang banyak kandungan lemaknya. Allah sendiri bahkan menghalalkan seluruh jenis ikan di laut, termasuk bangkainya sekalipun.

Jika diperlukan, Anda bisa mengonsumsi suplemen minyak ikan. Banyak suplemen minyak ikan yang beredar di pasaran, sehingga Anda harus berhati-hati dalam memilih kualitas yang baik. Untuk itu, Anda harus memiliki pengetahuan yang memadai tentang seluk-beluk lemak, ikan dan hal lain yang berkaitan.

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