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Guide to Natural Deep Sea Fish Oil

Posted by Ir. Adhi Hartono on 22 February 2010

If you are looking for fish oil, deep sea fish oil is the best. But this is not always the case for several reasons, especially after looking at what fish oil analysis shows.

The vast majority of the Ocean waters are polluted. Fish, especially deep sea fish, which was once among the healthiest foods humans could eat, are now potentially dangerous due to the almost inescapable toxins that accumulate in the fish’s flesh.

This is precisely why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advocates a limited consumption of fish, and particularly certain types of fish that more readily accumulate toxins in their flesh.

Now, you have to look for what kind of fish has been used to produce the fish oil, in turn to find out a fish oil supplement high in DHA.

Generally, fat fish that come from cold ocean waters are better sources of DHA. Salmon, herring, mackerel (spanish mackerel is called tengiri in Indonesia) are some of these kinds of fish.

Another fish that is high in DHA is the Hoki. Hoki is a native of southern coastal regions of New Zealand. May be that, if you are in the western world, you might not have heard of it. Out of a lot of options and comparisons, Hoki is the best fish for DHA.
However, it’s still important to buy only molecularly distilled DHA fish oil because pollution is not just caused my humans, nature also plays a par tin it. So, having a filtered nutrient will ensure the fish oil is free of pollutants, both human caused and nature caused.

The Importance of Fish Oil Analysis

In today’s world it is easy to nourish our body with the important Omega-3 fatty acids by just having fish oil. But swallowing the fish oil straight from the spoon is understandably awful, because it tastes terrible! For these people, the fish oil capsules come to the rescue.

One thing to keep in mind when you select fish oil capsules is to make sure it is the highest quality fish oil product available in the market. The reason for this comes from the fact that the ocean waters are polluted and hence the even most advantageous fish are unhygienic with heavy metals and other toxins, which include mercury and PCB‘s.

Hence it is very important that you pay money for the fish oil that has undergone molecular distillation. Molecular distillation is a refinement process where the toxins are separated from the fish oil based on molecular weight fractionation. The toxins are then discarded. This results in pure and healthy fish oil without the impurities that are not required.

Pharmaceutical grade fish oil is the best fish oil product type available in the market. So, make sure whichever fish oil product you buy is of this type. Moreover, not all products are the same, fish oil benefits vary from one product to another.

What is the reason for this? The answer needs the consideration of the two most important types of Omega-3 fatty acids, namely DHA and EPA. Not every fish type has the same amount of DHA and EPA. Hoki is one of the fish types which are particularly high in DHA and EPA. These are found natively off the pristine coasts of New Zealand.


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  2. Adhi said

    Hello Sunless,

    Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Well, I’ll do that later on.

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